Global Change Information System

Providing structured global change information.

The Global Change Information System (GCIS) is a web-based resource for traceable, sound global change data, information, and products. Designed for use by scientists, decision makers, and the public, the GCIS provides coordinated links to a select group of information products produced, maintained, and disseminated by government agencies and organizations. As well as guiding users to global change research products selected by the 13 member agencies, the GCIS serves as a key access point to assessments, reports, and tools produced by the U.S. Global Change Research Program. The GCIS is managed, integrated, and curated by USGCRP.

Explore the information in the Third National Climate Assessment

Please note : the PDF is the official version of the Third National Climate Assessment (NCA).


How we use identifiers and semantic information to provide points of reference and traceability.


Examples and tutorials for using this system as a researcher, citizen scientist, application developer or information theorist.

Data model

A description of how the information is structured, including the overlaps between relational and semantic representations of the information.

API Reference

Complete documentation for the API, including methods for browsing and finding resources.