activity : 36c13a53-nca3-cddv2-r1-process


Temperature and precipitation distributions were projected onto the Great Plains region using ArcGIS

- Converted the CDDv2 ASCII file to a point shape file - The grid was converted to an Albers Equal Area grid projection - For each temperature and precipitation, used an ArcGIS function 'pointtogrid' to generate an ArcGIS grid for the entire continental U.S. - Used ArcGIS tool to extract Great Plains region - Applied the National Climate Assessment "temperature" and "precipitation" color templates - Exported to Adobe Illustrator

The duration of this activity was 2 hours.

Output artifacts generated by this activity :
GP_temp and precip distribution_V2.png
NCA Maps Annual Precip GP

Computing environment : Microsoft Windows

Software used : Version 10.1

Visualization software used : ArcGIS

Notes : ArcGIS

This activity resulted in the following :

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