activity : 77065e97-nca3-cddv2-r1-process


A time series of winter temperature anomalies for the contiguous U.S. from 1895 to 2012 were plotted with a trend line.

Mean annual temperatures for the winter months (December-January-February) were averaged for all grid points in the contiguous U.S. Temperature anomalies were then calculated by subtracting the 1901-1960 average winter temperature from the annual average winter temperatures and plotted as a time series from 1895 to 2012. The temperature trend for the entire period was also calculated using linear least squares regression, and plotted as a trend line.

The duration of this activity was 6 hours.

Output artifacts generated by this activity :
APP_u s. seasonal temperatures_V3.png

Computing environment : Mac OS X (darwin x86_64 m64)

Software used : IDL (version 8.0)

Visualization software used : IDL (version 8.0)

Notes : IDL

This activity resulted in the following :

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