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@prefix dcterms: <> .
@prefix xsd: <> .
@prefix prov: <> .
@prefix dbpedia_owl: <> .
@prefix gcis: <> .
@prefix rdf: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .

   dcterms:identifier "7cc0679a-nca3-ghcn-daily-r201305-process";

## Duration of the activity
   dcterms:extent [ rdf:value "6 hours"^^xsd:string ] ;

## Output datafiles   
   dbpedia_owl:filename "getprcpextremes_May01_2013.f95\r\nprcpextremes_2dy_5yr_19012012_May01_2013.txt \r\ngridaverage_regions_May01_2013.f95\r\ngridprcpextremes_regions_2dy_5yr_19012012_May01_2013.txt\r\ngridprcpextremes_regions_2dy_5yr_19012012_May01_2013.csv\r\\r\nprecip_2dy5yr_anom_decadal_values_1901-2012.txt\r\nprecip_2dy5yr_anom_min_max_values_1901-2012.txt\r\nGN_precip_2dy5yr_anom_pct_1901_2012.eps\r\nAPP_extreme precipitation_v8.png"^^xsd:string;

## Computing environment
   gcis:computingEnvironmentsUsed "Linux (CentOS release 6.4); Mac OS X (darwin x86_64 m64)"^^xsd:string;
## assignment of responsibility to an agent for an activity, indicating that the agent 
## had a role in the activity. It further allows for a plan to be specified, which is
## the plan intended by the agent to achieve some goals in the context of this activity.

   prov:qualifiedAssociation [
      a prov:Association ;
      prov:agent [
         a prov:SoftwareAgent, gcis:Software ;
         rdfs:label "Fortran 95; lf95 compiler (Lahey/Fujitsu Linux64 Fortran compiler release L8.10b); IDL (version 8.0)"^^xsd:string;
      ] ;
      prov:hadPlan [
         a prov:Plan; 
         rdf:value "First, COOP stations with less than 10% missing daily precipitation data for the period 1901-2012 were identified. For each station, the accumulated precipitation values for 2-day periods were determined and then ranked for the entire period of record. Next, the top N values were identified, where N equals the number of years of available data, divided by 5. These events were considered extreme. Then, the number of extreme events in each year was computed. Next, grid box average values were calculated for each year, by averaging the values for each station available in that grid box. The annual values were then averaged for all grid boxes containing data in the northern Great Plains region. Decadal averages were then calculated. Finally, the 1901-1960 average value was subtracted from the decadal average value, and a percentage change was calculated."^^xsd:string;
      ] ;
   ] ;

   a prov:Activity .

## The following entity was derived from a dataset using this activity
   prov:wasDerivedFrom <>;
   prov:wasGeneratedBy <>.