activity : california-noaa-ncei-north-american-drought-atlas-process


- Averaged the grid points within the boundaries of the state.

- Paleo data was plotted in blue for year 1000-1894. - NCEI's historical data was plotted in red for year 1895-present.

The duration of this activity was 15 minutes.

Output artifacts generated by this activity :
CICS computer cluster /snfs4/assessment/state summaries, CA_monthly_pdsi.tsv, CA_jja_paleo_pdsi_v2.tsv, CA_annual_pdsi_03032015.xls

Computing environment : Windows 7 (64 bit Operating System), MacOSX

Software used : Microsoft Excel 2007

Visualization software used : Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Python 2.7x

This activity resulted in the following :

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