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The resulting time-series data were then plotted using OriginPro 2017 b9.4.0.220 (

Raw surface (< 50 m depth) ocean biogeochemical were obtained from from the Hawaii Ocean Time-series Data Organization & Graphical System (HOT-DOGS, In combination with temperature, salinity, and nutrient data, seawater mole fraction carbon dioxide (xCO2, µatm), pHTotal, and carbonate ion concentration (µmol kg-1) were derived using CO2SYS v2.1 Excel Macro by pairing direct measures of total alkalinity (TA) with dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) when available (n = 824). In cases where this pairing was not possible, then pH and DIC were instead adopted (n=16). As a final option, if neither of those pairings was an option then pHTotal and TA were adopted (n=18). The calculations were performed using K1, K2 from Millero, 2010, the KHSO4 dissociation constant of Dickon, total scale pH, and Uppstrom, 1974 for [B]T. Atmospheric mole fraction CO¬2 (red) were obtained from NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory CarbonTracker (Peters et al., 2007).

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20170324 HOT ALOHA

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