activity : cssr-2be0-4f84-aa66-process


Use XMRACE to draw the smoothed and original curve

Compute CONUS average of index for 1901-2010 (HadEX2) and 2011-2016 (GHCDNEX). Combine the two periods to form one single time series. Compute smoothed time series using Gaussian 21 point weight

Output artifacts generated by this activity :
agr-tnn.eps  agr-txx.eps 
/home/xungang.yin/tempwork/RUSS/assessment-index/GHCND gs21.txt

Computing environment : Linux

Software used : GrADS v2.0; XMGRACE v5.1.22

Visualization software used : XMGRACE v5.1.22

This activity resulted in the following :

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