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1. The regional average ratios were expressed as percent change. 2. The values were shown on a U.S. map with the outlines of the NCA4 regions

For each grid point: 1. Identify the highest daily precipitation amount for each year for 1950-2100. 2. Extract the annual maximum amounts for 1976-2005 to create an Annual Maximum Series (AMS). 3. Perform a stationary Generalized Extreme Value analysis on the AMS to extract the 3 fitted parameters (location, scale, and shape) using the R function “” in the R library “imsev”. 4. Using the 3 parameters, estimate the 20-yr return level daily precipitation amount using the R function “gevq” in the R libarary “imsev”. 5. Repeat Steps 2-4 for the 2070-2099 AMS for the RCP8.5 scenario. 6. Compute the ratio of the daily 20-yr return level precipitation amount for 2036-2065 with respect to the 1976-2005 value for each grid point. 7. Average the grid point ratios over each National Climate Assessment region.

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Computing environment : Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.3

Software used : R; FORTRAN 95; opengrads version 2.0.a8.oga.1

Visualization software used : Adobe Illustrator

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