activity : e6201ce4-nca3-ncep-ncar-r1-process


Seasonal extra-tropical cyclone activity and intensity were computed for high-latitudes and mid-latitudes and displayed as deviations from the long term mean

- Extracted numbers from the original figure (see citations below), where the time series were derived from the NCEP/NCAR reanalysis (Kalnay et. al 1996) using a modified version of Serreze (1995) as detailed in Wang et. al 2012. - Computed ten-year averages - Plotted the results

The duration of this activity was 8 hours.

Output artifacts generated by this activity :
assessment.eps (figure)
assessment_graph.xlsx (Excel spreadsheet used to compute 10 year means)
assesssment_figure.prn (small data file containing 10 year means, read by IDL program) (IDL program used to make figure)

Computing environment : RedHat Linux

Software used : IDL, version 8.2.3

Visualization software used : IDL


This activity resulted in the following :

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