activity : indicator-frost-free-season-process-2016


Step 1: Opened the file. Step 2: Copied the most recent data from spreadsheet (Year: Column A, Anomaly: Column D) into SigmaPlot file: year and anomaly. Step 3: In additional column, added colors that correspond to bars in graph [dark blue for negative values (RGB: 31/120/180) and dark green for positive values (RGB: 078/223/138)]. Step 4: Double clicked on the graph to get dialog box. Under Axis > Scaling, made sure that the end date of the X Data includes latest date range from data update. Step 5: Double checked that all fonts are “Roboto Light” and that font size and axes labels match with style guide Step 6: Exported the graph as a png with 600dpi resolution. Step 7: Imported png into Adobe Photoshop and added: • Label on X-axis for last year in dataset (2014 in this example) • Add helpers (“more days” and “fewer days”) • Updated average baseline dates (2014 in this example) • Updated start and beginning dates on x axis to match dataset • Verified symmetry of all graphical elements, i.e. axes titles, legend, graph title Step 8: Uploaded final graphic onto portal:

This activity resulted in the following :

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