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* Heat wave frequency is defined as: the average number of heat waves per year.
* For consistency across the country, this indicator defines a heat wave as a period of two or more consecutive days where the daily minimum apparent temperature in a particular city is higher than the 85th percentile of historical July and August temperatures for that city.
* Historical July and August baseline temperatures are analyzed for a base period of 1981–2010, which was chosen for consistency with other climatology metrics.
* This indicator uses daily minimum temperature because studies show that the most direct relationship between mortality and elevated temperatures occurs in relationship to the daily minimum (Habeeb et al., 2015; Sarofim et al., 2016), as warm nighttime temperatures prevent the body from cooling off after a hot day.
* Annual heat wave frequency is calculated and averaged by decade for each city, then aggregated nationwide using an unweighted average of the 50 MSAs in this study.

The decadal data are presented as bar chart.

Methodology Citation: Habeeb, D., J. Vargo, and B. Stone, Jr. 2015. Rising heat wave trends in large U.S. cities. Nat. Hazards 76(3):1651–1665. doi:10.1007/s11069-014-1563-z

Methodology Contact: Michael Kolian, U.S. EPA


How the source was modified: The panel only presents heat wave frequency, which is one of four heat wave metrics available for these cites.

Modified Source Location: Michael Kolian,U.S. EPA, Washington, DC

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