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@prefix dcterms: <> .
@prefix xsd: <> .
@prefix prov: <> .
@prefix dbpedia_owl: <> .
@prefix gcis: <> .
@prefix rdf: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .

   dcterms:identifier "indicator-terrestrial-carbon-storage-2018";

## Duration of the activity
   dcterms:extent [ rdf:value "2 hours"^^xsd:string ] ;

## Output datafiles   
   dbpedia_owl:filename "terrestrial_CO2_emissions_090618_v2.png"^^xsd:string;

## Computing environment
   gcis:computingEnvironmentsUsed "Mac OS Version 10.14.4"^^xsd:string;
## assignment of responsibility to an agent for an activity, indicating that the agent 
## had a role in the activity. It further allows for a plan to be specified, which is
## the plan intended by the agent to achieve some goals in the context of this activity.

   prov:qualifiedAssociation [
      a prov:Association ;
      prov:agent [
         a prov:SoftwareAgent, gcis:Software ;
         rdfs:label "Microsoft Excel"^^xsd:string;
      ] ;
      prov:hadPlan [
         a prov:Plan; 
         rdf:value "* Forests data were calculated as the sum of two categories in Table 2-8: “Forest Land Remaining Forest Land” and \"Land Converted to Forest Land\".<br/>* Urban forests data were calculated as the sum of two categories in Table 2-8: “Settlements Remaining Settlements” and \"Land Converted to Settlements\".<br/>* Croplands and grasslands were calculated as the sum of four categories in Table 2-8: “Cropland Remaining Cropland”, “Land Converted to Cropland”, “Grassland Remaining Grassland”, and “Land Converted to Grassland”."^^xsd:string;
      ] ;
   ] ;

   a prov:Activity .

## The following entity was derived from a dataset using this activity
   prov:wasDerivedFrom <>;
   prov:wasGeneratedBy <>.
   prov:wasDerivedFrom <>;
   prov:wasGeneratedBy <>.