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The following inputs were used : 1. /Sep/N_198009_extn.png 2. /Sep/N_199809_extn.png 3. /Sep/N_201209_extn.png 4. /Sep/N_09_area.txt The first three inputs were overlaid to derive the image at the top center of the figure. The fourth input is a text file showing the area of sea ice for the month of September in each year starting with 1979 to present. The areas were converted from square kilometers to square miles and plotted to obtain the graph on the bottom left of the figure.

Notes : While the figure caption indicates that the data (inputs to this activity) came from NSIDC, there is no link to where at the NSIDC website the data can be found. With some exploration it was possible to find the data on the NSIDC website. These metadata were collected by NASA through contract with JPL and SSAI. Sea Ice Index images depict ice cover and trends in ice cover in the Arctic and Antarctic oceans. Sea Ice Index data files tabulate ice extent in numbers. The images and data are produced in a consistent way that makes the Index time-series appropriate for use when looking at long-term trends in sea ice cover. Both monthly and daily products are available. However, monthly products are better to use for long-term trend analysis because errors in the daily product tend to be averaged out in the monthly product and because day-to-day variations are often the result of short-term weather. Details are provided at Notes : Methodology summary is from the Sea Ice Index processing overview. These metadata were collected by NASA through contract with JPL and SSAI.

This activity resulted in the following :

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