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Output: Two images in NASA’s MODIS Rapid Response System 1. 2. Input: 1. 2. Method: The two input images are processed to corrected reflectance images by a process described in the document Also, to generate the two images on the Rapid Response System, the two corresponding granules of the MODIS fire product are overlaid. When the images were generated in 2002, a system at the University of Maryland was being used for the MODIS fire products. That system used an algorithm identical to the one used for the MODIS product MOD14 (Thermal Anomalies - Fires and Biomass Burning) which is currently available from Land Processes (LP) DAAC ( The two granules can be obtained from LP DAAC using the links: and

Notes : MOD021KM is the short name for the calibrated radiance product (1 km resolution) from the MODIS instrument on the Terra satellite. In addition to the 1 km resolution product, the algorithm uses 500 m and 250 m products as well as discussed in the document There may be very slight differences in the geolocation of the fires between these granules and the ones on the Rapid Response System due to the use of predictive ephemeris in the latter vs definitive ephemeris in the former. (Use of predictive ephemeris is standard practice for near real-time products because of the latency constraints.) Details about the MODIS fire products can be found in The Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document for MOD14 is at

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