activity : nca4-case-study-of-health-impacts-of-excess-heat-in-rhode-island-panel-3-process



This figure panel is adapted from Figure 5 in Kingsley et al. 2016 by extracting Panel B and combining it in this figure. Additionally, the present day RCP values were combined into a single bar, and the axis labels and colors changed.

Methodology Citation: Mason, L.A., C.M. Riseng, A.D. Gronewold, E.S. Rutherford, J. Wang, A. Clites, S.D.P. Smith, and P.B. McIntyre, 2016. Fine-scale spatial variation in ice cover and surface temperature trends across the surface of the Laurentian Great Lakes. Climatic Change, 138 (1), 71-83. http://dx/doi/org/10.1007/s10584-016-1721-2

Data Bounding

This activity resulted in the following :

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