activity : nca4-historical-and-projected-population-trends-panel-1-process



American FactFinder ( to download the population values of the Census table holding all county population values for 2010:

All of the values in the FactFinder tables originate in Summary File 1 (SF1):

The dataset was joined (using GIS) to a shapefile in order to create the maps.

Methodology Citation: U.S. EPA, 2017: Updates to the Demographic and Spatial Allocation Models to Produce Integrated Climate and Land Use Scenarios (ICLUS) Version 2. EPA/600/R-16/366F. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Center for Environmental Assessment, Washington, D.C., various pp.

Methodology Contact: Philip Morefield, EPA


The duration of this activity was 3 hours.

Interim artifacts generated by this activity :,,
Output artifacts generated by this activity :

Computing environment : NA

Software used : N/A

Visualization software used : GIS

Data Bounding

The input object was time bounded starting from April 01, 2010 (04:00 AM)

The input object was time bounded ending at April 01, 2010 (04:00 AM)

The input object was bounded spatially:

This activity resulted in the following :

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