activity : nca4-hurricane-impacts-in-2017-panel-1-gujfo-process



The data were not analyzed.

The point and line data were displayed in ArcMap according to storm intensity. Points that showed a storm location while it was below Tropical Storm strength were removed from the visualization. Points were symbolized according to this Color Brewer scale: for Storm Intensities of Category 1-5 hurricanes, and Tropical Storms were symbolized as white circles. Tracks were symbolized as thick gray lines, and land area was symbolized as gray. These are standard cartographic practices.

Methodology Contact: Katharine M. Johnson, ERT, Inc.


How the source was modified: The NHC hurricane best tracks consist of line and point data for each tropical cyclone in the Atlantic basin. Points and lines for each storm were loaded into ArcMap and then merged into a point shapefile and a line shapefile. All of the fields from the original data were retained. This is a simple cartographic technique that allows the user to load only one layer rather than each storm at once. Storms that did not reach 'Tropical Storm' status were excluded from the dataset (i.e., Tropical Depression Four and Potential Tropical Cyclone Ten).

Modified Source Location: Katharine M. Johnson, ERT, Inc. at NOAA NCEI, Asheville, NC

The duration of this activity was 1 hour.

Interim artifacts generated by this activity :
hurricanetracks_kate.mxd,USC_hurricane impacts,Fig20_18_overview.pdf
Output artifacts generated by this activity :
USC_hurricane impacts 2017_v8.png, Resources

Computing environment : Windows Server

Software used : ArcMap 10.5.1

Visualization software used : ArcMap 10.5.1,Adobe Illustrator

Data Bounding

The input object was time bounded starting from May 01, 2017 (00:00 AM)

The input object was time bounded ending at November 30, 2017 (00:00 AM)

The input object was bounded spatially:

This activity resulted in the following :

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