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This figure panel is adapted from Panel d of Figure 7 in Knutson et al. 2013, originally an 8-panel figure. The background color of the land and ocean was changed and the line colors were changed. The text above the panel was changed from "Control" to "present climate". Four middle panels in the original figure were not used (CMIP3 early and late; CMIP5_early). In the legend, the designation "HR" was changed to "Cat".

Methodology Citation: Knutson, T.R., J.J. Sirutis, G.A. Vecchi, S. Garner, M. Zhao, H-S. Kim, M. Bender, R.E. Tuleya, I.M. Held, and G. Villarini. 2013. Dynamical downscaling projections of twenty-first century Atlantic hurricane activity: CMIP3 and CMIP5 model-based scenarios. Journal of Climate, 27 (17), 6591-6617.

Data Bounding

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