activity : nca4-tribal_lands_northerngreatplains_v2-process



Modified the “Tribes NCA-NGP Region” to add appropriate Tribal Code used in the Tribal Trust Lands shape file layer.

Joined the Tribal Trust Lands shape file layer to the Tribes NCA-NGP Region table in ESRI ArcMap based on the Tribal Codes fields of each.

In ESRI ArcMap, color symbolized the above Joined Tribal Trust layer based on Reservation name with unique foreground color for each. Downloaded and added to ArcMap view the Tribal Lands layer from national map website: Color symbolized the Tribal Lands Layer so that it matches same color symbols for reservation name as Tribal Trust Layer. Added State and North Central Climate Sci Cntr (NCCSC) boundary and clipped all above tribal lands to NCCSC boundary. Save the map view as TIFF image in ArcMap.

Methodology Citation: Documentation for ESRI ArcMap at

Methodology Contact: Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) at


How the source was modified: The Tribal Trust Lands layer obtained from Matt Lopez of the Bureau of Indian Affairs was modified using cross-reference table of “Tribes NCA NGP Region” obtained from Shannon McNeeley of Colorado State University.

Modified Source Location: Bureau of Indian Affairs, Washington, D.C., Matt Lopez Colorado State University, Shannon McNeeley

The duration of this activity was 5 hours.

Interim artifacts generated by this activity :
Output artifacts generated by this activity :

Computing environment : Windows 10

Software used : ArcGIS/ArcMap 10.4.1

Visualization software used : ArcGIS/ArcMap 10.4.1

Data Bounding

The input object was bounded spatially:

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