activity : nd-noaa-ncdc-cag-us-temperature-nclimdiv-process


- The time series of statewide annual temperature anomalies (relative to 1901-1960) was plotted from 1900 to 2014.

- Statewide annual average temperatures were calculated by averaging the 12 monthly temperatures. - Statewide temperature anomalies were created by subtracting the 1901-1960 average temperature from the annual temperature values.

The duration of this activity was no time.

Output artifacts generated by this activity :
CICS computer cluster /snfs4/assessment/state summaries, ND_temp_timeseries_smooth_v4.eps, nd_obs-and-proj-temp-change_v3.png, climdiv-tmpcst-v1.0.0-20150706.txt, range-t2m-ann-historical-common-1901-2005.txt, range-t2m-ann-rcp45-2006-2100.txt, range-t2m-ann-rcp85-2006-2100.txt,

Computing environment : Mac OS X (Darwin x86_64 M64)

Software used : IDL Version 8.2.3

Visualization software used : IDL Version 8.2.3, Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.2.0 Release

This activity resulted in the following :

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