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Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessment Center Example 2012 Research Topics
Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy Food security in the Kenai Peninsula
California Nevada Applications Program Impacts of climate and weather extremes
Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments Vulnerability and adaptation planning processes for coastal communities
Climate Assessment for the Southwest Future climate in the city of Tucson
Climate Impacts Research Consortium Adaptation to changes in hydrology in the Big Wood River Basin of Idaho
Consortium for Climate Risk in the Urban Northeast Modeling coastal storm surges in the northeast
Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments Center Climate assessment for the mid-west
Pacific RISA Current state of knowledge about climate change impacts on Pacific Islands and adaptive capacity in the region
Southeast Climate Consortium Corn crop irrigation and winter rainfall storage in Alabama
Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program Historical storm surges along the Gulf Coast and worldwide
Western Water Assessment Drivers of snow accumulation and melt in the Upper Colorado River Basin and improving quantitative streamflow forecasts
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