array : 57bd6a57-160c-435e-bad8-b23a04d711f8

This array was derived from Regional Surface Climate Conditions in CMIP3 and CMIP5 for the United States: Differences, Similarities, and Implications for the U.S. National Climate Assessment
This array was derived from Statistical downscaling using Localized Constructed Analogs (LOCA)

Identifier : 57bd6a57-160c-435e-bad8-b23a04d711f8
Rows : 8
Columns : 5
Rows in header : 1

This array is part of this table : 6.4: Projected changes in annual average temperature (°F) for each NCA region in the contiguous United States

NCA Region RCP4.5 Mid-Century (2036-2065) RCP8.5 Mid-Century (2036-2065) RCP4.5 Late-Century (2071-2100) RCP8.5 Late-Century (2071-2100)
Northeast 3.98°F 5.09°F 5.27°F 9.11°F
Southeast 3.40°F 4.30°F 4.43°F 7.72°F
Midwest 4.21°F 5.29°F 5.57°F 9.49°F
Great Plains North 4.05°F 5.10°F 5.44°F 9.37°F
Great Plains South 3.62°F 4.61°F 4.78°F 8.44°F
Southwest 3.72°F 4.80°F 4.93°F 8.65°F
Northwest 3.66°F 4.67°F 4.99°F 8.51°F
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