array : ea5996c0-c768-4c43-aa14-2039082bbf56

This array was derived from dataset Global Historical Climatology Network - Daily

Identifier : ea5996c0-c768-4c43-aa14-2039082bbf56
Rows : 8
Columns : 3
Rows in header : 1

This array is part of this table : 6.2: Observed changes in the coldest and warmest daily temperatures

NCA Region Change in Coldest Day of the Year Change in Warmest Day of the Year
Northeast 2.83°F −0.92°F
Southeast 1.13°F −1.49°F
Midwest 2.93°F −2.22°F
Great Plains North 4.40°F −1.08°F
Great Plains South 3.25°F −1.07°F
Southwest 3.99°F 0.50°F
Northwest 4.78°F −0.17°F
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