identifier Title journal
executive-order-13547 Executive Order 13547. Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts, and The Great Lakes Federal Register
expansion-of-forest-stands-into-tundra-in-the-noatak-national-preserve-northwest-alaska Expansion of forest stands into tundra in the Noatak National Preserve, northwest Alaska Ecoscience
expected-climate-change-impacts-on-soil-erosion-rates-review Expected climate change impacts on soil erosion rates: A review Journal of Soil and Water Conservation
exploring-alternatives-typical-meteorological-year-incorporating-climate-change-into-building-design Exploring alternatives to the "typical meteorological year" for incorporating climate change into building design ASHRAE Transactions
extreme-loss-diversity-riverine-dragonflies-northeastern-us-is-predicted-face-climate-change Extreme loss of diversity of riverine dragonflies in the northeastern US is predicted in the face of climate change Bulletin of American Odonatology
factors-that-influence-administrative-appeals-proposed-usda-forest-service-fuels-reduction-actions Factors that influence administrative appeals of proposed USDA Forest Service fuels reduction actions Forest Science
federalism-state-recognition-native-american-tribes-survey-state-recognized-tribes-state-recognition-processes-across-united-states Federalism and the state recognition of Native American tribes: A survey of state-recognized tribes and state recognition processes across the United States Santa Clara Law Review
federal-register-2011-4562 National Climate Assessment Development and Advisory Committee; Request for Nominations and Notice of Meeting Federal Register
federal-register-2012-31066 Endangered and threatened species; threatened status for the Arctic, Okhotsk, and Baltic subspecies of the ringed seal and endangered status for the Ladoga subspecies of the ringed seal; final rule Federal Register
federal-register-2016-00943 Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants: Proposed Listing Determinations for 82 Reef-Building Coral Species. Proposed Reclassification of Acropora palmata and Acropora cervicornis From Threatened to Endangered Federal Register
federal-register-fr15my08-18 Endangered and threatened wildlife and plants; determination of threatened status for the polar bear (Ursus maritimus) throughout its range. Final rule. U.S. Fish Wildlife Service Federal Register
food-insecurity-is-associated-adverse-health-outcomes-among-human-infants-toddlers Food insecurity is associated with adverse health outcomes among human infants and toddlers The Journal of Nutrition
forest-biomass-supply-in-the-southeastern-united-states--implications-for-industrial-roundwood-and-bioenergy-production Forest biomass supply in the southeastern United States - implications for industrial roundwood and bioenergy production Journal of Forestry
from-climate-variability-to-climate-change-challenges-and-opportunities-to-extension From climate variability to climate change: Challenges and opportunities to extension Journal of Extension
from-invisibility-transparency From invisibility to transparency: Identifying the implications Ecology and Society
fulfilling-promise-parks-people-changing-environment-gateway-national-recreation-area-experience Fulfilling the promise of "Parks to People" in a changing environment: The Gateway National Recreation Area experience The George Wright Forum
future-atmospheric-carbon-dioxide-may-increase-tolerance-to-glyphosate Future atmospheric carbon dioxide may increase tolerance to glyphosate Weed Science
future-participation-in-the-conservation-reserve-program-in-north-dakota Future participation in the conservation reserve program in North Dakota Great Plains Research
getting-right-side-river-lessons-binational-cooperation-on-road-minute-319 Getting to the right side of the river: Lessons for binational cooperation on the road to minute 319 University of Denver Water Law Review
global-coral-bleaching-2014-2017-status-an-appeal-observations Global coral bleaching 2014-2017: Status and an appeal for observations Reef Encounter
handful-heuristics-some-propositions-understanding-resilience-social-ecological-systems A handful of heuristics and some propositions for understanding resilience in social-ecological systems Ecology and Society
heat-stress-illness-hospitalizationsenvironmental-public-health-tracking-program-20-states-2001-2010 Heat stress illness hospitalizations—Environmental public health tracking program, 20 States, 2001-2010. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report - Surveillance Summaries
heat-watchwarning-systems-save-lives-estimated-costs-and-benefits-for-philadelphia-19951998-isee165 Heat watch/warning systems save lives: Estimated costs and benefits for Philadelphia 1995-1998: ISEE-165 Epidemiology
hedges-trees-incorporating-fire-risk-into-optimal-decisions-forestry-using-no-arbitrage-approach Hedges and trees: Incorporating fire risk into optimal decisions in forestry using a no-arbitrage approach Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics
high-water-forces-upper-mississippi-river-closure High Water Forces Upper Mississippi River Closure Journal of Commerce