identifier Title journal
sciencebased-strategic-planning-for-hazardous-fuel-treatment Science-based strategic planning for hazardous fuel treatment Fire Management Today
sea-level-rise-flooding-risk-virginia Sea level rise and flooding risk in Virginia Sea Grant Law and Policy Journal
sea-warriors-performing-an-identity-resilience-empowerment-face-climate-change-pacific A sea of warriors: Performing an identity of resilience and empowerment in the face of climate change in the Pacific The Contemporary Pacific
second-recorded-episode-of-mass-coral-bleaching-in-the-northwestern-hawaiian-islands Second recorded episode of mass coral bleaching in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Atoll Research Bulletin
secular-warming-in-the-california-current-and-north-pacific Secular warming in the California current and North Pacific California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations Reports
shortage-of-us-public-health-workers-projected-to-worsen-about-250000-new-workers-needed Shortage of US public health workers projected to worsen: About 250,000 new workers needed The Nation’s Health
slowing-global-warming-benefits-for-patients-and-the-planet Slowing global warming: Benefits for patients and the planet American Family Physician
socioeconomic-predictors-high-allergen-levels-homes-greater-boston Socioeconomic predictors of high allergen levels in homes in the greater Boston area Environmental Health Perspectives
species-recovery-united-states-increasing-effectiveness-endangered-species-act Species recovery in the United States: Increasing the effectiveness of the Endangered Species Act Issues in Ecology
stakes-are-rising-lessons-on-engaging-coastal-communities-on-climate-adaptation-southern-california The stakes are rising: Lessons on engaging coastal communities on climate adaptation in Southern California Cities and the Environment
state-california-current-2016-2017-still-anything-but-normal-north State of the California Current 2016-2017: Still anything but “normal” in the north California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations Reports
stationarity-is-deadlong-live-transformation-five-principles-for-climate-change-adaptation-law 'Stationarity is dead'-long live transformation: Five principles for climate change adaptation law Harvard Environmental Law Review
status-playas-southern-great-plains Status of playas in the southern Great Plains Wildlife Society Bulletin
staying-afloat-how-federal-recognition-as-native-american-tribe-will-save-residents-isle-de-jean-charles-louisiana Staying afloat: How federal recognition as a Native American tribe will save the residents of Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana Loyola Journal of Public Interest Law
storm-surge-flooding-on-yukon-kuskokwim-delta-alaska Storm-surge flooding on the Yukon-Kuskokwim delta, Alaska Arctic
storm-surge-san-francisco-baydelta-nearby-coastal-locations Storm surge in the San Francisco Bay/Delta and nearby coastal locations Shore & Beach
supplemental-material-climate-change-impacts-on-water-resources-american-indians-alaska-natives-us Supplemental material: Climate change impacts on the water resources of American Indians and Alaska Natives in the U.S Climatic Change
sustainability-and-land-use-planning-greening-state-and-local-land-use-plans-and-regulations-to-address-climate-change-challenges-and-preserve-resources-for-future-generations Sustainability and land use planning: Greening. State and local land use plans and regulations to address climate change challenges and preserve resources for future generations William & Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review
sustainable-development-climate-change-and-human-health-in-the-arctic Sustainable development, climate change and human health in the Arctic International Journal of Circumpolar Health
technical-inputs-assessment-capacity-topics-related-to-2013 Technical Inputs and Assessment Capacity on Topics Related to 2013 U.S. National Climate Assessment Federal Register