identifier Title journal
two-memoranda-on-social-organization-and-adaptive-selection-in-a-northern-plains-region Two memoranda on social organization and adaptive selection in a Northern Plains region Plains Anthropologist
united-states-global-change-research-program United States Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) Federal Register
united-states-global-change-research-program-usgcrp United States Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) Federal Register
united-states-global-change-research-program-usgcrp-to-announce-the-availability-of-a-draft-fourth United States Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) To Announce the Availability of a Draft Fourth National Climate Assessment Report for Public Comment Federal Register
unplanned-airflows Unplanned Airflows & Moisture Problems ASHRAE Journal
unprotected-ground-plight-vanishing-island-nations Unprotected ground: The plight of vanishing island nations New York International Law Review
use-traditional-hawaiian-knowledge-contemporary-management-marine-resources The use of traditional Hawaiian knowledge in the contemporary management of marine resources Fisheries Centre Research Reports
us-pacific-command-response-super-typhoon-haiyan The U.S. Pacific Command response to Super Typhoon Haiyan Joint Force Quarterly
value-captains-behavioral-choices-success-surf-clam-spisula-solidissima-fishery-on-us-mid-atlantic-coast-model-evaluation The value of captains’ behavioral choices in the success of the surf clam (Spisula solidissima) fishery on the US Mid-Atlantic coast: A model evaluation Journal Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Science
water-quality-effects-following-severe-fire Water quality effects following a severe fire Fire Management Today
water-reuse-overview-current-practices-trends-world-emphasis-eu-states Water reuse: Overview of current practices and trends in the world with emphasis on EU states Water Utility Journal
waterworld-the-heritage-dimensions-of-climate-change-in-the-pacific Waterworld: The heritage dimensions of climate change in the Pacific Historic Environment
weather-climate-change-implications Weather and Climate Change Implications for Surface Transportation in the USA WMO Bulletin
what-is-the-price-of-catastrophic-wildfire What is the price of catastrophic wildfire? Journal of Forestry
whats-water What's In the Water? Climate Change, Waterborne Pathogens, and the Safety of the Rural Alaskan Water Supply Hastings West-Northwest Journal of Environmental Law and Policy
widespread-harmful-algal-bloom-northeast-pacific-state-climate-2015 A widespread harmful algal bloom in the northeast Pacific [in "State of the Climate in 2015"] Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society
wildfire-risk-optimal-investments-watershed-protection Wildfire risk and optimal investments in watershed protection Western Economics Forum
wind-damage-effects-hurricane-andrew-on-mangrove-communities-along-southwest-coast-florida-usa Wind damage effects of Hurricane Andrew on mangrove communities along the southwest coast of Florida, USA Journal of Coastal Research
winter-mortality-in-a-changing-climate-will-it-go-down Winter mortality in a changing climate: Will it go down? Bulletin epidemiologique hebdomadaire
workshop-approach-for-developing-climate-change-adaptation-strategies-and-actions-for-natural-resource-management-agencies-in-the-united-states Workshop approach for developing climate change adaptation strategies and actions for natural resource management agencies in the United States Journal of Forestry