identifier Title journal
high-water-forces-upper-mississippi-river-closure High Water Forces Upper Mississippi River Closure Journal of Commerce
high-water-high-stakes-cultural-resources-climate-change High water and high stakes: Cultural resources and climate change Forum Journal
how-small-communities-respond-environmental-change-patterns-tropical-polar-ecosystems How small communities respond to environmental change: Patterns from tropical to polar ecosystems Ecology and Society
how-to-take-climate-change-into-account-a-guidance-document-for-judges-adjudicating-water-disputes How to take climate change into account: A guidance document for judges adjudicating water disputes Environmental Law Reporter
impacts-2008-floods-on-railroads-illinois-adjacent-states Impacts of the 2008 floods on railroads in Illinois and adjacent states Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science
impacts-of-climate-change-on-infrastructure-planning-and-design-past-practices-and-future-needs Impacts of climate change on infrastructure planning and design: Past practices and future needs Journal American Water Works Association
implementing-the-behavioral-wedge-designing-and-adopting-effective-carbon-emissions-reduction-programs-vanderbilt-public-law-research-paper-no-1026 Implementing the behavioral wedge: Designing and adopting effective carbon emissions reduction programs. Vanderbilt public law research paper no. 10-26 Environmental Law Reporter
improving-resilience-against-the-effects-of-climate-change Improving resilience against the effects of climate change Journal American Water Works Association
indian-entities-recognized-eligible-receive-services-from-united-states-bureau-indian-affairs Indian entities recognized and eligible to receive services from the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs Federal Register
indigenous-adaptation-face-climate-change Indigenous adaptation in the face of climate change Journal of Environmental & Sustainability Law
indigenous-people-and-environmental-justice-the-impact-of-climate-change Indigenous people and environmental justice: The impact of climate change University of Colorado Law Review
influence-climate-on-growth-hybrid-poplar-michigan Influence of climate on the growth of hybrid poplar in Michigan Forests
influence-on-severe-storm-development-of-irrigated-land Influence on severe storm development of irrigated land National Weather Digest
information-networks-and-the-complexity-of-trust-in-commons-governance Information, networks, and the complexity of trust in commons governance International Journal of the Commons
in-search-refuge-pacific-islands-climate-induced-migration In search of refuge: Pacific Islands, climate-induced migration, and the legal frontier AsiaPacific Issues
insights-on-adaptive-capacity-three-indigenous-pacific-northwest-historical-narratives Insights on adaptive capacity: Three indigenous Pacific Northwest historical narratives Journal of Northwest Anthropology
institutional-barriers-to-climate-change-adaptation-in-us-national-parks-and-forests Institutional barriers to climate change adaptation in US national parks and forests Ecology and Society
invasive-species-and-fire-in-california-ecosystems Invasive species and fire in California ecosystems Fremontia
is-alaskas-boreal-forest-now-crossing-major-ecological-threshold Is Alaska's boreal forest now crossing a major ecological threshold? Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research
kiavallakkikput-agviq-into-whaling-cycle-cetaceousness-climate-change-among-iupiat-arctic-alaska Kiavallakkikput Agviq (Into the whaling cycle): Cetaceousness and climate change among the Iñupiat of Arctic Alaska Annals of the Association of American Geographers
late-20th-century-land-change-in-the-central-california-valley-ecoregion Late 20th century land change in the Central California Valley Ecoregion The California Geographer
leishmaniasis-relation-service Leishmaniasis in relation to service in Iraq/Afghanistan, U.S. Armed Forces, 2001-2006 Medical Surveillance Monthly Report
letdowns-wakeup-calls-and-constructed-preferences-peoples-responses-to-fuel-and-wildfire-risks Letdowns, wake-up calls, and constructed preferences: People's responses to fuel and wildfire risks Journal of Forestry
literal-use-forest-health-safeguards-against-misuse-misapplication A literal use of “forest health” safeguards against misuse and misapplication Journal of Forestry
locally-acquired-mosquitotransmitted-malaria-a-guide-for-investigations-in-the-united-states Locally acquired mosquito-transmitted malaria: A guide for investigations in the United States Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report - Recommendations and Reports
mental-health-psychosocial-distress-sequelae-katrina-an-empirical-study-survivors Mental health & psychosocial distress sequelae of Katrina: An empirical study of survivors Human Ecology Review
milwaukees-crypto-outbreak Milwaukee's Crypto Outbreak: Investigation and Recommendations Journal American Water Works Association
mmwr-2004-reports Notice to readers: Final 2004 reports of Notifiable Diseases Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
mmwr-mm5532a4 Notice to readers: Final 2005 Reports of Notifiable Diseases Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
mmwr-mm5633a4 Notice to readers: Final 2006 Reports of Nationally Notifiable Infectious Diseases Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
mmwr-mm5733a6 Notice to readers: Final 2007 Reports of Nationally Notifiable Infectious Diseases Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
mmwr-mm5831a5 Notice to readers: Final 2008 Reports of Nationally Notifiable Infectious Diseases Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
mmwr-mm5932a5 Notice to readers: Final 2009 Reports of Nationally Notifiable Infectious Diseases Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
mmwr-mm6032a5 Notice to readers: Final 2010 Reports of Nationally Notifiable Infectious Diseases Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
mmwr-mm6132a8 Notice to readers: Final 2011 Reports of Nationally Notifiable Infectious Diseases Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
morphological-impacts-extreme-storms-on-sandy-beaches-barriers Morphological impacts of extreme storms on sandy beaches and barriers Journal of Coastal Research
multiple-knowledge-approach-adaptation-environmental-change-lessons-learned-coastal-louisianas-tribal-communities A multiple knowledge approach for adaptation to environmental change: Lessons learned from coastal Louisiana's tribal communities Journal of Political Ecology
new-yorks-new-sea-level-rise-projections-will-affect-land-use-infrastructure New York's new sea level rise projections will affect land use, infrastructure New York Law Journal
norfolk-southern-reroutes-shipments-avoid-midwest-flooding Norfolk Southern Reroutes Shipments to Avoid Midwest Flooding Journal of Commerce
no-sticks-my-bundle-rethinking-indian-land-tenure-problem No sticks in my bundle: Rethinking the Indian land tenure problem University of Kansas Law Review
older-people-climate-change-vulnerability-health-effects Older people and climate change: Vulnerability and health effects Generations
oroville-dam-highlights-infrastructure-risks Oroville Dam highlights infrastructure risks Risk Management
paralytic-shellfish-toxins-puget-sound-washington-state Paralytic shellfish toxins in Puget Sound, Washington state Journal of Shellfish Research
patterns-of-longterm-balsam-woolly-adelgid-infestations-and-effects-in-oregon-and-washington Patterns of long-term balsam woolly adelgid infestations and effects in Oregon and Washington Western Journal of Applied Forestry
place-attachment-of-ngi-te-ahi-to-hairini-marae Place attachment of Ngāi Te Ahi to Hairini Marae MAI Review
planning-effects-climate-change-on-natural-resources Planning for the effects of climate change on natural resources Environmental Law Reporter
planning-for-climate-change-in-the-inland-empire-southern-california Planning for climate change in the Inland Empire: Southern California Water Resources IMPACT
pmc-10757487 Relationships among weather, mosquito abundance, and encephalitis virus activity in California: Kern County 1990-98 Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association
pmc-11544154 The burden of air pollution: Impacts among racial minorities Environmental Health Perspectives
pmc-117098 Heat wave: First, protect the vulnerable Canadian Medical Association Journal
pmc-1240549 Climate change and mosquito-borne disease: Knowing the horse before hitching the cart Revue scientifique et technique-Office international des épizooties
pmc-124090 Increasing habitat suitability in the United States for the tick that transmits Lyme disease: A remote sensing approach Environmental Health Perspectives
pmc-1241146 U.S. drinking water challenges in the twenty-first century Environmental Health Perspectives
pmc-1241200 Hazardous air pollutants and asthma Environmental Health Perspectives
pmc1241207 Pollutants and asthma: Role of air toxics Environmental Health Perspectives
pmc-12952800 Relation between income, air pollution and mortality: A cohort study Canadian Medical Association Journal
pmc-1446167 The effects of race/ethnicity and income on early childhood asthma prevalence and health care use American Journal of Public Health
pmc-1497795 Blackout of 2003: Health effects and emergency responses Public Health Reports
pmc-15173410 Arctic indigenous peoples experience the nutrition transition with changing dietary patterns and obesity The Journal of Nutrition
pmc-15583503 The course of PTSD, major depression, substance abuse, and somatization after a natural disaster The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
pmc-1566351 Public health consequences of global climate change in the United States: Some regions may suffer disproportionately Environmental Hazards
pmc-1566587 Fetal growth and maternal exposure to particulate matter during pregnancy Environmental Health Perspectives
pmc-1626413 Ozone's impact on public health: Contributions from indoor exposures to ozone and products of ozone-initiated chemistry Environmental Health Perspectives
pmc-1637787 Marine algal toxins: Origins, health effects, and their increased occurrence Environmental Health Perspectives
pmc-1638004 The potential health impacts of climate variability and change for the United States: Executive summary of the report of the health sector of the U.S. National Assessment Environmental Health Perspectives
pmc-16523675 Mortality in southern England during the 2003 heat wave by place of death Health Statistics Quarterly
pmc-16602810 The extent and impact of mental health problems after disaster Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
pmc-16602818 Management of trauma in special populations after a disaster Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
pmc-18225705 Air pollution and allergens Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology
pmc19358364 Predictive model for survival and growth of Salmonella typhimurium DT104 on chicken skin during temperature abuse Journal of Food Protection
pmc-201838 Effect of time and temperature on multiplication of Vibrio vulnificus in postharvest Gulf Coast shellstock oysters Applied and Environmental Microbiology
pmc-20397375 An investigation of depression and fatigue post West Nile virus infection. South Dakota Medicine
pmc-20461963 Urban air pollution and climate change as environmental risk factors of respiratory allergy: An update Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology
pmc-21563718 Carbon monoxide poisoning after an ice storm in Kentucky, 2009 Public Health Reports
pmc-2291006 Drought in the Southeast: Lessons for water management Environmental Health Perspectives
pmc-23594684 Incidence and Trends of Infection with Pathogens Transmitted Commonly Through Food — Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network, 10 U.S. Sites, 1996–2012 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
pmc-24739341 Incidence and trends of infection with pathogens transmitted commonly through food--Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network, 10 U.S. sites, 2006-2013 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
pmc-2496928 Disaster mythology and fact: Hurricane Katrina and social attachment Public Health Reports
pmc2621056 Listeriosis in Pregnancy: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention Reviews in Obstetrics & Gynecology
pmc-2744549 Climate change and human health Transactions of the American Clinical and Climatological Association
pmc-3072860 Health impact in New York City during the Northeastern blackout of 2003 Public Health Reports
pmc-3072862 Hurricane Katrina: Addictive behavior trends and predictors Public Health Reports
pmc-3103158 Rapid spread of chikungunya virus infection in Orissa: India The Indian Journal of Medical Research
pmc-3501144 Hurricane Katrina experience and the risk of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression among pregnant women American Journal of Disaster Medicine
pmc-4043261 Outdoor air pollutants and patient health American Family Physician
pmid-10206627 Temporal relation between Ixodes scapularis abundance and risk for Lyme disease associated with erythema migrans American Journal of Epidemiology
pmid-10852848 Workshop to identify critical windows of exposure for children's health: Immune and respiratory systems work group summary Environmental Health Perspectives
pmid-11092713 Asthma symptoms in relation to measured building dampness in upper concrete floor construction, and 2-ethyl-1-hexanol in indoor air International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease
pmid-11563746 Heat-related death and mental illness during the 1999 Cincinnati heat wave The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology
pmid-12092730 Growth and survival of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in postharvest American oysters Journal of Food Protection
pmid-12238534 Injuries and illnesses among New York City fire department rescue workers after responding to the World Trade Center attacks Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
pmid-1240668 Climate variability and change in the United States: Potential impacts on water- and foodborne diseases caused by microbiologic agents Environmental Health Perspectives
pmid-12432132 Urban sprawl and public health Public Health Reports
pmid-12566476 A reduced ratio of dietary carbohydrate to protein improves body composition and blood lipid profiles during weight loss in adult women The Journal of Nutrition
pmid-15371964 Rapid assessment of the needs and health status of older adults after Hurricane Charley--Charlotte, DeSoto, and Hardee Counties, Florida, August 27-31, 2004 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
pmid-15381802 The spatial-temporal distribution of drought, wetting, and human cases of St. Louis encephalitis in southcentral Florida The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
pmid-15453591 ComBase: A common database on microbial responses to food environments Journal of Food Protection
pmid-15591893 Asthma epidemiology: Has the crisis passed? Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine
pmid-15729219 Hypothermia-related deaths--United States, 2003-2004 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
pmid-15926223 Climate change and effects on water quality: A first impression Water Science & Technology