identifier Title journal
impacts-2008-floods-on-railroads-illinois-adjacent-states Impacts of the 2008 floods on railroads in Illinois and adjacent states Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science
impacts-of-climate-change-on-infrastructure-planning-and-design-past-practices-and-future-needs Impacts of climate change on infrastructure planning and design: Past practices and future needs Journal American Water Works Association
implementing-the-behavioral-wedge-designing-and-adopting-effective-carbon-emissions-reduction-programs-vanderbilt-public-law-research-paper-no-1026 Implementing the behavioral wedge: Designing and adopting effective carbon emissions reduction programs. Vanderbilt public law research paper no. 10-26 Environmental Law Reporter
improving-resilience-against-the-effects-of-climate-change Improving resilience against the effects of climate change Journal American Water Works Association
indian-entities-recognized-eligible-receive-services-from-united-states-bureau-indian-affairs Indian entities recognized and eligible to receive services from the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs Federal Register
indigenous-adaptation-face-climate-change Indigenous adaptation in the face of climate change Journal of Environmental & Sustainability Law
indigenous-people-and-environmental-justice-the-impact-of-climate-change Indigenous people and environmental justice: The impact of climate change University of Colorado Law Review
influence-climate-on-growth-hybrid-poplar-michigan Influence of climate on the growth of hybrid poplar in Michigan Forests
influence-on-severe-storm-development-of-irrigated-land Influence on severe storm development of irrigated land National Weather Digest
information-networks-and-the-complexity-of-trust-in-commons-governance Information, networks, and the complexity of trust in commons governance International Journal of the Commons
in-search-refuge-pacific-islands-climate-induced-migration In search of refuge: Pacific Islands, climate-induced migration, and the legal frontier AsiaPacific Issues
insights-on-adaptive-capacity-three-indigenous-pacific-northwest-historical-narratives Insights on adaptive capacity: Three indigenous Pacific Northwest historical narratives Journal of Northwest Anthropology
institutional-barriers-to-climate-change-adaptation-in-us-national-parks-and-forests Institutional barriers to climate change adaptation in US national parks and forests Ecology and Society
invasive-species-and-fire-in-california-ecosystems Invasive species and fire in California ecosystems Fremontia
kiavallakkikput-agviq-into-whaling-cycle-cetaceousness-climate-change-among-iupiat-arctic-alaska Kiavallakkikput Agviq (Into the whaling cycle): Cetaceousness and climate change among the Iñupiat of Arctic Alaska Annals of the Association of American Geographers
late-20th-century-land-change-in-the-central-california-valley-ecoregion Late 20th century land change in the Central California Valley Ecoregion The California Geographer
leishmaniasis-relation-service Leishmaniasis in relation to service in Iraq/Afghanistan, U.S. Armed Forces, 2001-2006 Medical Surveillance Monthly Report
letdowns-wakeup-calls-and-constructed-preferences-peoples-responses-to-fuel-and-wildfire-risks Letdowns, wake-up calls, and constructed preferences: People's responses to fuel and wildfire risks Journal of Forestry
literal-use-forest-health-safeguards-against-misuse-misapplication A literal use of “forest health” safeguards against misuse and misapplication Journal of Forestry
locally-acquired-mosquitotransmitted-malaria-a-guide-for-investigations-in-the-united-states Locally acquired mosquito-transmitted malaria: A guide for investigations in the United States Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report - Recommendations and Reports
mental-health-psychosocial-distress-sequelae-katrina-an-empirical-study-survivors Mental health & psychosocial distress sequelae of Katrina: An empirical study of survivors Human Ecology Review
mmwr-2004-reports Notice to readers: Final 2004 reports of Notifiable Diseases Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
mmwr-mm5532a4 Notice to readers: Final 2005 Reports of Notifiable Diseases Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
mmwr-mm5633a4 Notice to readers: Final 2006 Reports of Nationally Notifiable Infectious Diseases Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
mmwr-mm5733a6 Notice to readers: Final 2007 Reports of Nationally Notifiable Infectious Diseases Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report