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valuing-climate-damages-updating-estimation-social-cost-carbon-dioxide 978-0-309-45420-9 Valuing Climate Damages: Updating Estimation of the Social Cost of Carbon Dioxide  
water-is-fighting-over-other-myths-about-water-west 9781610916790 9781610916806 Water Is for Fighting Over and Other Myths about Water in the West  
water-policy-planning-variable-changing-climate-insights-western-united-states 9781482227987 Water Policy and Planning in a Variable and Changing Climate: Insights from the Western United States 434
water-problem-climate-change-water-policy-united-states 978-0815727842 0815727844 Water Problem: Climate Change and Water Policy in the United States  
wetlands 0 442 00805 Wetlands  
world-factbook   The World Factbook