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5494a61e-5b82-4b68-841f-c40ca3370660 978-953-51-3090-1 Forest Ecology and Conservation  
54d1b8b6-5b6c-4dba-a403-43f1b4ccaba0 978-3-319-20160-3 Communicating Climate-Change and Natural Hazard Risk and Cultivating Resilience Case Studies for a Multi-disciplinary Approach 311
57713152-0a69-41ce-aa58-f495b7aad5c3 978-0-471-72018-8 Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics: From Air Pollution to Climate Change. 2nd ed. 1232
57f19421-b5ea-41cb-9764-e7d5572ed463   Engaging Stakeholders in Urban Climate Adaptation: Early Lessons from Early Adapters 52
58156695-3a4f-400f-9096-7e189b67cd32 9780745641287 Rural People and Communities in the 21st Century: Resilience and Transformation 224
58594dc2-005e-4581-bbfe-6d75d1e8d5c8 978-1-4200-7856-5 Social Vulnerability to Disasters 392
58be613a-c30d-45b8-9a69-1a171157c019 978-1611860245 Great Lakes Fisheries Policy and Management: A Binational Perspective  
5a4eba14-6610-497f-8507-bdaff1cf73dc 978-1607320548 Implementing the Endangered Species Act on the Platte Basin Water Commons 528
5aff99e3-87f0-42e9-be11-4b84518342e8 978-94-007-2144-9 Traditional Forest-Related Knowledge: Sustaining Communities, Ecosystems and Biocultural Diversity  
5b008dc7-5774-4d0f-88e8-54663c2cc95a 9780521785624 Linking Social and Ecological Systems: Management Practices and Social Mechanisms for Building Resilience 476
5c4b2e4d-93a8-4f5f-8b85-9fb496d93293 978-94-007-0300-1 The Landscape Ecology of Fire  
5d49b656-7c2b-4057-b999-3172369b97e7 9780028657493 Major Acts of Congress. Includes Indian General Allotment Act (Dawes Act) (1887) 1178
5e3b5313-71b5-49e9-9590-67f16a9a6f67 978-94-007-2549-2 Restoring Lands - Coordinating Science, Politics and Action: Complexities of Climate and Governance 538
60656eb4-3ca6-44f6-b63a-d76ef7fe82ef 978-1462516179 Handbook of PTSD, Second Edition: Science and Practice 718
60b5c1a9-aeb9-4dcf-a8d2-92b4b1f83382 9781138060517 Challenging the Prevailing Paradigm of Displacement and Resettlement: Risks, Impoverishment, Legacies, Solutions  
60e92a8d-3928-4566-8c78-8f065abd95ac 9781780641645 Invasive Species and Global Climate Change 368
6220f91e-8478-44bf-be9f-e0df6bcf1e6e 978-1853837005 Risk, Media and Stigma: Understanding Public Challenges to Modern Science and Technology 399
64c0429d-0187-4d7c-9e3a-efb183737277 978-2-8317-1290-1 Building Resilience to Climate Change: Ecosystem-Based Adaptation and Lessons From the Field 164
64ca6609-9c68-4f91-b499-84f25cf21348 9780470960967 Shellfish Aquaculture and the Environment 528
65b7186c-9037-42ad-ad3e-2dd73f82803b 978-953-307-887-8 Food Production: Approaches, Challenges and Tasks 270
66a479ed-8ba4-4917-aab1-3415576f6973 907334879X Phenology in Seasonal Climates 143
679bfed3-66ae-4ad6-86f1-ae9e3e59dcae 9780511573149 The Impact of Climate Change on the United States Economy 344
6877963d-6323-4fe7-8091-170f524f1a79 9781555916374 Red Alert!: Saving the Planet with Indigenous Knowledge 148
69818c3d-97f4-4e3d-856e-adbc25dc44a2 978-0-12-039861-4 Advances in Virus Research, Volume 61 - The Flaviviruses: Detection, Diagnosis, and Vaccine Development 577
6bcd02ff-9171-4ae7-ae11-7689f07d761a 978-0-19-959109-1 Ocean Acidifcation 352
6d3eb0d6-568a-40d3-9b10-393f943038da 978-0-309-31482-4 Climate Intervention: Reflecting Sunlight to Cool Earth 260
6d4365af-7f98-405b-b91e-0fb4144e83e4 978-0-444-63524-2 Climate Change (Second Edition)  
6ff08aec-2533-4bfb-9069-657f717eb129 978-1-4614-5767-1 Climate Change Modeling Methodology: Selected Entries from the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology  
7009bd2c-cd32-4262-9144-91dd0bc4c763 978-1-138-18816-7 Humanities for the Environment: Integrating Knowledge, Forging New Constellations of Practice 262
702ab4d9-d271-4240-9b53-b0441cdc4279 9781119028116 Natural Hazard Uncertainty Assessment: Modeling and Decision Support  
70466915-7ddb-4edc-bdc6-b5fbe0de90cd 9780252030796 Urban Land Use Planning 504
7060c11b-f44d-44ae-ab3c-0020f4a0246a 978-1498760966 Responses to Disasters and Climate Change: Understanding Vulnerability and Fostering Resilience  
71cef134-e769-4328-ae30-b5e75c7b9f58 0849309174 Interactions Between Agroecosystems and Rural Communities 296
71fd39d7-01e0-46f2-af65-eec06819eacc 9780415704458 Routledge Handbook on Maritime Regulation and Enforcement  
7209799d-4bb8-439d-8470-88e6e9c50a95 1560008490 Human Ecology as Human Behavior: Essays in Environmental and Development Anthropology 378
720d6b37-5d0d-41f1-8779-2b9d5a0aa19a   The Age of Alaskan Wildfires 32
725a6f88-edc0-4fe9-91fc-bce3f6f5ceb5 0471240052 Risk Modeling, Assessment, and Management 726
72cf91e5-d140-4b1a-9790-1c90e590f2d1 978-1-4613-4667-8 “Fingerprints” of Climate Change 329
72f62e3e-3777-42fe-a2f8-5951e43aeeee 9781617617942 Environmental Pollution and Its Relation to Climate Change 706
748e037e-edd6-494d-ad61-d2537f419d15 9780252027055 Culture, environment, and conservation in the Appalachian South  
74a1b7f1-a1bb-4676-af6a-923c8f14dc0f 0813800374 Northern Prairie Wetlands  
74ed816b-211c-4f90-a89e-2c47b92495d3 9780131435834 Cost-benefit Analysis: Concepts and Practice. 3rd Edition 560
75a50891-e625-4ffc-a100-9c95f9fd78a7 978-1-4612-9126-8 Current Topics in Vector Research 213
792804a5-82ba-476b-9c93-c4dcc36afade 9781559639606 Mediated Modeling: A System Dynamics Approach to Environmental Consensus Building 296
7951fbd8-5877-41aa-ae62-9da3eb56b5c5 9781610914390 Climate of the Southeast United States: Variability, Change, Impacts, and Vulnerability 341
79b99f3d-c763-4bd9-956a-11a08b6bcc5b 978-1-55238-560-9 Calgary Papers in Military and Strategic Studies. Occasional Paper Number 4, 2011. Canadian Arctic Sovereignty and Security: Historical Perspectives 446
79dc512b-dec4-44a0-a26e-2dc620438088   Psychologists Responding to Hurricane Katrina. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice 112
7b4d6a51-8745-4052-a085-85620e578720 1559638575 Panarchy: Understanding Transformations in Human and Natural Systems 508
7c5fc631-d5e0-4338-886f-02022293ee65 9780262012829 At War with the Weather: Managing Large-Scale Risks in a New Era of Catastrophes 416
7c7c2829-f61c-47c9-baa0-95705e3b0f75 978-0-8263-5122-7 The Future of Indian and Federal Reserved Water Rights: The Winters Centennial  
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