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00143c55-a52c-46a6-9322-9647fd93d2f3 978-1-4419-9504-9 Principles of Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology: Second Edition 529
012d6f7b-9a6e-4473-a334-a12fa730c4ab 9780155080645 Environmental Psychology 634
025afd2b-2951-4e29-b276-a6d445ff6507 978-0-12-372522-6 Nitrogen in the Marine Environment (2nd Edition)  
0260d3c1-cd9f-4a8d-a63f-50af49a961ad 9781402070280 Effects of Climate Change and Variability on Agricultural Production Systems 275
02f0e814-0f76-402a-88e8-8b8c85acc847 978-94-009-3081-0 Vegetation History  
03826610-743d-4e51-a08e-8fe8d294fa83 1847206700 Climate Change and Agriculture: An Economic Analysis of Global Impacts, Adaptation and Distributional Effects 256
0468171f-af68-46e7-a072-2c1a1a8d4a78 9789820004719 Vulnerability of Tropical Pacific Fisheries and Aquaculture to Climate Change 925
0527682d-4b36-41dd-9f64-7cb2d89fc066 978-1-84407-662-8 Planning for Climate Change: Strategies for Mitigation and Adaptation for Spatial Planners 344
05ba1b46-54f0-4baf-ba02-517dd58c6786 9780806131184 Documents of American Indian Diplomacy: Treaties, Agreements, and Conventions, 1775-1979 1536
060c8ac0-b010-420b-b91a-f84ed80b79d1 0881324035 Global warming and agriculture: Impact estimates by country 201
069bcad0-4610-4636-b099-442a03afdfc7 1-55250-257-0 Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Concepts and Cases 150
0703cf26-32fb-47db-8b29-178b091ec5bc 978-981-10-1914-2 Increasing resilience to climate variability and change : the roles of infrastructure and governance in the context of adaptation  
073cf12a-c071-4660-a3c2-ed74de91ed13 9781118452547 Handbook of Sea-Level Research 581
092aa59a-58f5-46a9-85db-521eef9cf080 978-3-319-30212-6 Biological Soil Crusts: An Organizing Principle in Drylands  
09a9e2ef-5f17-41f9-8a6f-6426f86b8cab 978-94-007-1742-8 Investigating Quality of Urban Life: Theory, Methods, and Empirical Research. Social Indicators Research Series, Volume 45 453
0ac1d6dd-4b7e-473d-af51-afa8dc86b3bc 9780521864718 Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change 408
0ba6f02e-a3d9-4da0-b147-50787c15c707 978-1-4133-2478-7 Adaptive Management: The US Department of the Interior Technical Guide 72
0c5473f4-86ce-4c9b-a2f2-1694537ce41d 978-3-642-03970-6 Water Scarcity in the Mediterranean: Perspectives under Global Change 234
0da35c81-e322-4cf3-839b-74663afd9cac 978-1-4614-8416-5 Global Climate Change and Public Health  
0dc4e948-eb46-413e-9650-9c01aaa523e1 978-1-84339-089-3 Water Reuse: An International Survey of Current Practice, Issues and Needs 628
0dd63415-fb46-4aaf-802b-aa83102fc08e 978-94-007-6925-0 Phenology: An Integrative Environmental Science 610
0e2938dc-bfca-47fe-831b-3061c92dc81c 9780980675207 Depth Psychology, Disorder and Climate Change 475
0e6d600c-a99d-41b9-856a-0509c24111d6 9781844074778 Sudden and Disruptive Climate Change: Exploring the Real Risks and How We Can Avoid Them 326
0f0459d2-6347-4d90-9676-505376c1985e 978-0-309-28773-9 Abrupt Impacts of Climate Change: Anticipating Surprises 222
1201209f-1f5f-4fe5-b1a1-c8e24caa1167 978-1498740029 Living Shorelines: The Science and Management of Nature-Based Coastal Protection  
12349d8b-04ac-408a-a8a9-1e7bb5853d72 0199566607 The Oxford Handbook of Climate Change and Society 864
13b8b4fc-3de1-4bd8-82aa-7d3a6aa54ad5 0292737645 Displaced: Life in the Katrina Diaspora 268
143e5a52-e318-4ce6-bb3e-2d7ab892e8f5 9027714908 Social Science Research and Climate Change: An Interdisciplinary Appraisal 255
1461d832-55f1-4ff1-b650-6585728ce650 9781843761532 Negotiating Environmental Change: New Perspectives from Social Science 320
14fd7760-1acf-4fd2-b899-8fecb258cbeb 978-3-319-56928-4 Climate Change and Rocky Mountain Ecosystems  
1570e6bf-685a-47bd-923b-15a56e13e6f6 9780813344249 Race, Place, and Environmental Justice After Hurricane Katrina, Struggles to Reclaim Rebuild, and Revitalize New Orleans and the Gulf Coast 312
159e6606-cb15-4138-b0c0-c340a032cc50 978-94-017-8978-3 Mineral Dust: A Key Player in the Earth System 509
165e0fdd-10a2-4cf4-86c8-03a7b7473be5 0691137560 The Behavioral Foundations of Public Policy 536
174c7a2a-72d2-4110-a8be-784c1ef6197d 978-0-89118-352-5 Improving Modeling Tools to Assess Climate Change Effects on Crop Response  
1c10ebf6-bac1-4d78-927d-71f749cb0a75 9780203928950 Sacred Ecology, 2nd Ed. 314
1d952efe-6f8b-40e3-8f90-b93f123453e5 978-0-309-37759-1 Global Health Impacts of Vector-Borne Diseases: Workshop Summary  
1dde23e6-bb76-44c5-9af1-2516d08ab8d9 978-3-540-69966-8 Landslides - Disaster Risk Reduction 649
1e32608a-2d0a-4501-83ef-ba1a7c7cdbf1 978-0-415-59066-2 Ecologies and Politics of Health  
1ea2a38f-c7aa-4360-b365-68153be21331 9781594602887 Through the Eye of Katrina: Social Justice in the United States 420
26319e13-5eec-4742-9c8c-da52c6ead764   Estuaries  
265f7d08-202d-45a9-b29c-c9b8d7a85d90 9781119950172 Changing Cold Environments: A Canadian Perspective 340
283f5a15-2280-4532-ae0b-bf424efbc1ef 978-0-309-30499-3 The Influence of Global Environmental Change on Infectious Disease Dynamics  
29477bb2-bbc7-4d78-b8e1-1253571645db 978-0521364751 Teleconnections Linking Worldwide Climate Anomalies 548
29bc089a-1cf2-4bd8-85fe-39b5a3991ac7 0300051638 Democracy and Deliberation: New Directions for Democratic Reform 133
2b3cd768-5f2e-4ed4-b75a-df1f2675ecfe 9781420058628 Disaster Management Handbook 624
2b786024-e4dd-4353-a944-134add154f04 978-3-540-70961-9 Wildlife and Emerging Zoonotic Diseases: The Biology, Circumstances and Consequences of Cross-Species Transmission 521
2bff36ed-cf5e-4d1e-b07d-d5005403c6da 0231136250 Adaptive Governance: Integrating Science, Policy, and Decision Making 326
2d867ee1-d04d-42bc-9cd6-d4e4913e84f8 0973834218 Climate Change: Linking Traditional and Scientific Knowledge 289
2db7a3aa-9ecd-4563-998c-d41adbf475b3 9780061124235 The Great Deluge: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast 768
2e029c29-2976-4b14-857e-8f51513f1859 9789264108929 CO2 Emissions from Fuel Combustion, 1971–2003  
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