dataset : Cholera and Other Vibrio Illness Surveillance COVIS

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Cholera and Other Vibrio Illness Surveillance COVIS

COVIS data Data are collected at local level and clinically confirmed cases of any Vibrio infection (any species) are reported to the COVIS system (Cholera and Other Vibrio Surveillance). COVIS surveillance reports allow for the reporting of metadata including: patient information, geographic location of isolation, type of infection (wound, blood, gastrointestinal), source of exposure, species confirmed, foreign travel, food consumption, etc. Completeness in reporting of clinical information, epidemiological information, clinical information, and seafood trace-back currently ranges from 21% - 71%.

The time range for this dataset starts at January 01, 1996 (00:00 AM).

The spatial range for this dataset is 18.91° to 71.32° latitude, and -160.16° to -66.57° longitude. map (center)


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