dataset : Detailed Renewable Energy Resource Assessment Data Inventory (US)

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Detailed Renewable Energy Resource Assessment Data Inventory (US)

Detailed inventory of available renewable energy (RE) resource assessment data. Although the type, amount, and regional distribution of resource information vary by resource, assessments are available for each RE category (conducted by <a href="" title="DOE page in OpenEI" target="_blank">DOE</a> and various private and public organizations). Solar, wind and geothermal resources have assessment products available at numerous scales (national, regional, and site specific). Assessments are available for biomass and hydropower resources at a national level, with only limited information available at the regional and site-specific levels. Ocean energy has the least resource assessment information available. This information was compiled by NREL and initially published in the 2006 <a href="" title="2006 Report to Congress" target="_blank">Report to Congress on Renewable Energy Resource Assessment Information for the United States</a> (Original document courtesy of This datasets was last updated in January, 2011. For each assessment, the inventory includes: data name, data type, source, period of record, spatial coverage, spatial resolution, temporal scale, units, stated accuracy, availability, URL, update frequency, and additional notes.

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