dataset : Form EIA-411, “Coordinated Bulk Power Supply Program Report,”

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Form EIA-411, “Coordinated Bulk Power Supply Program Report,”

<p class="Bodypara">The Form EIA-411, “Coordinated Bulk Power Supply Program Report,” collects information from the Nation’s power system planners about the electricity supply, both capacity and energy, that is needed to serve current demand and for future growth.</p> <p class="Bodypara">The reported data can be used to examine such issues as: the reliability of the U.S. electricity system; projections which assess future demand growth and plans for constructing new generating and transmission facilities; and consequences of unavailable or constrained capacity on usage of the existing generation base.</p> <p class="Bodypara">Reliability of the electric power system covers three areas: the security of the electrical systems; the usage of proper operational practices that adhere to mandatory standards; and the ability to plan for adequate supply to meet future demand. Data collected on the Form EIA-411 focuses on planning for adequacy of supply. Separately, the Department of Energy collects information covering security and selected operational practices under the <a href="">Form OE-417, "Electric Emergency Incident and Disturbance Report</a>." </p> <p class="Bodypara">The information on this page includes historical (with and without projections) and current data (with projections) for the reported year:</p> <ul type="disc"><li class="Bodypara"><a href="">peak load</a> </li><li class="Bodypara"><a href="">monthly peak hour demand</a> </li><li class="Bodypara"><a href="">net energy for load</a> </li><li class="Bodypara"><a href="">net internal demand</a> and <a href="">planned capacity resources</a> </li></ul> <p class="Bodypara">Only projections, but no historical data, are reported for:</p> <ul type="disc"><li class="Bodypara">high voltage transmission line planned additions </li></ul> <p class="Bodypara">The data provided here are aggregated by the North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) using data provided by the regional entities within NERC that oversee the development and implementation of the mandatory national and regional reliability standards. There are currently eight regions covering all of Canada and the contiguous United States plus a small part of Mexico (Baja California Norte) in North America. The data presented here is for the United States. For data years prior to 2005, 10 NERC regions are indicated, however, from 2005 on, there are 8 regions. (See maps at the top right). Users should expect some differences in geographic reporting coverage from these regional realignments.

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