dataset : NREL Geothermal GIS Data

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NREL Geothermal GIS Data

This dataset is a qualitative assessment of geothermal potential for the U.S. using Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) and based on the levelized cost of electricity with CLASS 1 being most favorable and CLASS 5 being least favorable. This dataset does not include shallow EGS resources located near hydrothermal sites or the U.S. Geological Survey assessment of undiscovered hydrothermal resources. The source data for deep EGS includes temperature at depth from 3 to 10 kilometer (km) were provided by the Southern Methodist University Geothermal Laboratory (Blackwell & Richards, 2009) and the analyses for regions with temperatures ≥150°C were performed by NREL (2009). CLASS 999 regions have temperatures less than 150°C at a 10-km depth and were not assessed for deep EGS potential. Temperature at depth data for deep EGS in Alaska and Hawaii are not currently available.

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