dataset : U.S. Distribution and Production of Oil and Gas Wells

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U.S. Distribution and Production of Oil and Gas Wells

Distribution tables of oil and gas wells by production rate for all wells, including marginal wells, are available from the EIA for most states for the years 1919 to 2009. Graphs displaying historical behavior of well production rate are also available. The quality and completeness of data is dependent on update lag times and the quality of individual state and commercial source databases. Undercounting of the number of wells occurs in states where data is sometimes not available at the well level but only at the lease level. States not listed below will be added later as data becomes available.

The spatial range for this dataset is 24.52006292188697° to 49.3845° latitude, and -124.76249999999999° to -66.93157003173832° longitude. map (center)

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