dataset : EnviroAtlas - Agricultural Water Demand by 12-Digit HUC for the Conterminous United States

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


EnviroAtlas - Agricultural Water Demand by 12-Digit HUC for the Conterminous United States

The national agricultural water demand metric provides insight into the amount of water currently used for agricultural irrigation in the contiguous United States. The values are based on 2005 irrigation water use; combined 2010 crop, 2006 land use, and 2001 remotely sensed irrigation location estimates; and have been summarized by watershed or 12-digit hydrologic unit code (HUC). Agricultural irrigation water use, as defined in this case, meets a variety of needs before, during, and after growing seasons (e.g., dust suppression, field preparation, chemical application, weed control, salt removal from root zones, frost protection, crop cooling, and harvesting). Estimates include self-supplied surface and groundwater, as well as supplies from irrigation-specific organizations (e.g., companies, districts, cooperatives, government). This dataset was produced by the US EPA to support research and online mapping activities related to EnviroAtlas. EnviroAtlas ( allows the user to interact with a web-based, easy-to-use, mapping application to view and analyze multiple ecosystem services for the contiguous United States. The dataset is available as downloadable data ( or as an EnviroAtlas map service. Additional descriptive information about each attribute in this dataset can be found in its associated EnviroAtlas Fact Sheet (

The spatial range for this dataset is 22.7348894° to 51.6773602° latitude, and -128.02839229° to -65.20336449° longitude. map (center)

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