dataset : EPA Greenhouse Gas Inventory data

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


EPA Greenhouse Gas Inventory data

This dataset includes annual estimates of the net exchange of CO2 between the land and the atmosphere for the US, reported each year by EPA based on individual land sector inventories, using a “stock-change” approach. The EPA estimates document the net exchange by land class (forest, cropland, grassland, and urban trees) and some specific causes of observed changes such as timber harvesting and wildfire, but not all specific causes such as land-use (or land-cover) change and changes in forest management practices. There are some geographic gaps in availability of land inventory data particularly for Interior Alaska and some public grasslands in the Continental Western States. More intensive monitoring of some specific land classes or sub-classes (urban, grasslands and shrublands, and wetlands) would improve the estimates. The multi-agency National Land Cover Database mapping project is finalizing plans to intensify grassland and shrubland monitoring by 2016. For more information, see:

The time range for this dataset starts at January 01, 1990 (00:00 AM).

The spatial range for this dataset is 24.31° to 49.23° latitude, and -124.46° to -66.57° longitude. map (center)


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