dataset : Permafrost Soils Database for Northern Alaska 2014

Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative


Permafrost Soils Database for Northern Alaska 2014

This database contains soil and permafrost stratigraphy for northern Alaska compiled from numerous project data files and reports. The Access Database has main data tables (tbl_) for site (environmental), soil stratigraphy, soil physical data, soil chemical data, soil radiocarbon dates, and vegetation cover. The Site data includes information of location, observers, geomorphology, topography, hydrology, soil summary characteristics, pH and EC, soil classification, and vegetation cover by species. Soil stratigraphy has information on soil texture and ground ice. Soil physical and chemical data includes lab data on bulk density, moisture, carbon, and nitrogen. The database has 38 reference tables (REF_) that have codes and descriptions for variables used in site, soil stratigraphy, and vegetation cover tables. Query tables (qry_) are used to link data tables and reference tables to display data with names instead of codes.

The spatial range for this dataset is 66.8388733667° to 71.7849179808° latitude, and -166.903197882° to -137.69957885° longitude. map (center)

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