dataset : Shorebird Habitat Suitability Indicies

Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences


Shorebird Habitat Suitability Indicies

This dataset consists of predicted habitat suitability indices and species richness for eight shorebird species (Black-bellied Plover [Pluvialis squatarola], American Golden-Plover [Pluvialis dominica], Semipalmated Sandpiper [Calidris pusilla], Pectoral Sandpiper [Calidris melanotos], Dunlin [Calidris alpina], Long-billed Dowitcher [Limnodromus scolopaceus], Red-necked Phalarope [Phalaropus lobatus], and Red Phalarope [Phalaropus fulicarius]) within the Arctic Coastal Plain (ACP) of Alaska.

The spatial range for this dataset is 68.814429° to 71.402395° latitude, and -162.668548° to -141.356494° longitude. map (center)

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