dataset : MSU/AMSU-A Mean Layer Atmospheric Temperatures Version 4

Remote Sensing Systems


MSU/AMSU-A Mean Layer Atmospheric Temperatures Version 4
Version 4.0.

RSS currently provides a number of data products constructed by merging the MSU and AMSU Data from different satellites together. These include 3 single-channel MSU/AMSU datasets (TMT, TTS, and TLS) that extend back to late 1978 5 single channel AMSU-only stratospheric datasets (C10, C11, C12, C13, and C14) that begin in mid 1998. These datasets are fairly early in their development process and should be considered preliminary (C10-C12) or experimental (C13 and C14). TLT is a more complex dataset constructed by calculating a weighted difference between measurements made at different Earth incidence angles to extrapolate MSU channel 2 and AMSU channel 5 measurements lower in the atmosphere. 2 multi-channel datasets, TTT and C25, that are constructed from weighted combinations of the single channel datasets. Since C25 is constructed from AMSU Channels C10-C13, it should be considered preliminary.


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