dataset : CLPX-Ground: Ground-based L and Ku band polarimetric scatterometry

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CLPX-Ground: Ground-based L and Ku band polarimetric scatterometry

This data set includes ground-based radar observations carried out at the Fraser Experimental Forest Headquarters, Colorado, USA (39.95 N, 105.9 W), between 17-26 February and 26-30 March 2003. Truck-mounted L- and Ku-band scatterometers were used to collect fully polarimetric backscattering coefficients of snow. The calibrated radar systems measured the amplitude and phase of backscattered signal over a relatively wide bandwidth at L-band (1.1-1.4 GHz) and Ku-band (15.25-15.75 GHz). Backscatter measurements of an open snow pack were collected at three different incidence angles (20, 35, and 50 degrees) several times a day. This data set is part of the NASA Cold Land Processes Field Experiment (CLPX). The NASA CLPX is a multi-sensor, multi-scale experiment that focuses on extending a local-scale understanding of water fluxes, storage, and transformations to regional and global scales. Within a framework of nested study areas in the central Rocky Mountains of the western United States, ranging from 1-ha to 160,000 km2, intensive ground, airborne, and spaceborne observations are collected. Data collection focuses on two seasons: mid-winter, when conditions are generally frozen and dry, and early spring, a transitional period when both frozen and thawed, dry and wet conditions are widespread.

Identified by : NSIDC-0166

This dataset was released on August 11, 2003.

The time range for this dataset is February 17, 2003 to February 26, 2003.

The spatial range for this dataset is 39.95° to 39.95° latitude, and -105.9° to -105.9° longitude. map

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