dataset : SMEX02 Landsat 5 and 7 Thematic Mapper Land Surface Brightness Temperatures

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SMEX02 Landsat 5 and 7 Thematic Mapper Land Surface Brightness Temperatures

This data set consists of land surface brightness temperatures (T<sub>B</sub>s) derived from Landsat 5 Thematic Mapper (TM) and Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper+ (ETM+) thermal bands. The Landsat data coincided with the SMEX02 campaign and were acquired once per day on 23 June, 1 July, 8 July, 16 July, and 17 July 2002 over the Walnut Creek watershed, Iowa, USA. The data collectively cover 41.69&deg; N to 42.73&deg; N and 93.16&deg; W to 93.84&deg; N. Landsat 7 ETM+ data have 60 m spatial resolution. Landsat 5 TM data have 30 m spatial resolution. The investigators used the MODTRAN 4.1 radiative transfer model to correct the original Level-1G radiances for atmospheric effects; then they converted radiances to TBs. Data are unsigned integer, band-interleaved-by-line (BIL), binary values, scaled by 100. Data are available via FTP. These data were collected as part of a validation study for the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer - Earth Observing System (AMSR-E). AMSR-E is a mission instrument launched aboard NASA's Aqua Satellite on 04 May 2002. AMSR-E validation studies linked to SMEX are designed to evaluate the accuracy of AMSR-E soil moisture data. Specific validation objectives include assessing and refining soil moisture algorithm performance; verifying soil moisture estimation accuracy; investigating the effects of vegetation, surface temperature, topography, and soil texture on soil moisture accuracy; and determining the regions that are useful for AMSR-E soil moisture measurements.

Identified by : NSIDC-0241

This dataset was released on August 04, 2004.

The time range for this dataset is June 23, 2002 to July 17, 2002.

The spatial range for this dataset is 41.7° to 42.7° latitude, and -93.8° to -93.2° longitude. map (center)

This dataset uses data from an instance of the enhanced-thematic-mapper-plus instrument on the landsat-7 platform.
This dataset uses data from an instance of the thematic-mapper instrument on the landsat-5 platform.
DOI : 10.5067/SFENVFY5CSE5
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