dataset : BOREAS RSS-14 GOES-8 Level-1 Visible, Infrared and Water Vapor Images

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BOREAS RSS-14 GOES-8 Level-1 Visible, Infrared and Water Vapor Images

ABSTRACT: The BOREAS RSS-14 team collected and processed several GOES-7 and GOES-8 image data sets that covered the BOREAS study region. The level-1 BOREAS GOES-8 images are raw data values collected by RSS-14 personnel at FSU and delivered to BORIS. The data cover 14-Jul-1995 to 21-Sep-1995 and 01-Jan-1996 to 03-Oct-1996. The data start out containing three 8-bit spectral bands and end up containing five 10-bit spectral bands. No major problems with the data have been identified. The data are contained in binary image format files. Companion files include (1) an image inventory listing to inform users of the images that are available and (2) example thumbnail images.

Identified by : BOREAS_GOES81

This dataset was released on January 01, 1999.

The time range for this dataset is July 14, 1995 to October 03, 1996.

The spatial range for this dataset is 50.09° to 58.98° latitude, and -111° to -93.5° longitude. map (center)

This dataset uses data from an instance of the imager instrument on the geostationary-operational-environmental-satellite-8 platform.
DOI : 10.3334/ORNLDAAC/445
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