dataset : BOREAS AFM-01 NOAA/ATDD Long-EZ Aircraft Flux Data over the SSA

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BOREAS AFM-01 NOAA/ATDD Long-EZ Aircraft Flux Data over the SSA

ABSTRACT: This data set contains measurements from the NOAA/ATDD Long-EZ Aircraft collected during the 1994 IFCs at the SSA. These measurements were made from various instruments mounted on the aircraft. The data that were collected include: aircraft altitude, wind direction, wind speed, air temperature, potential temperature, water mixing ratio, U and V components of wind velocity, static pressure, surface radiative temperature, downwelling and upwelling total radiation, downwelling and upwelling longwave radiation, net radiation, downwelling and upwelling PAR, greenness index, CO2 concentration, O3 concentration, and CH4 concentration. There are also various columns that indicate the standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis, and trend of some of these data.

Identified by : BOREAS_MWLEZFLX

This dataset was released on January 01, 2000.

The time range for this dataset is May 25, 1994 to September 15, 1994.

The spatial range for this dataset is 53.42° to 54.32° latitude, and -106.32° to -104.24° longitude. map (center)

DOI : 10.3334/ORNLDAAC/493
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