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   datacite:identifier "noaa-nodc-0014195";
   dcterms:title "NODC Standard Format Marine Fish and Shellfish Surveys (F123) Data (1948-1992) (NCEI Accession 0014195)"^^xsd:string;
   datacite:hasIdentifier [ a datacite:AlternateResourceIdentifier; rdf:value "" ] ;
   dcat:landingPage <>;
   dcterms:description "This data type contains data from field sampling of marine fish and shellfish. The data derive from analyses of midwater or bottom tow catches and provide information on population density and distribution. Cruise information, position, date, time, gear type, fishing distance and duration, and number of hauls are reported for each survey. Environmental data may include: meteorological conditions; surface temperature and salinity; bottom temperature and salinity; trawl depth temperature and salinity; current direction and speed. Bottom trawl or other gear dimensions and characteristics are also reported. Catch statistics (e.g.,weight, volume, number of fish per unit volume) may be reported for both total haul and for individual species. Biological characteristics of selected specimens, predator/prey information (from stomach contents analysis) and growth data may also be included. Specimens are identified by an NODC Taxonomic Code. Data are very sparse prior to 1975."^^xsd:string;
## Dates of dataset release and access

## Spatial and temporal information:
dcterms:spatial [
    a dcterms:Location, gcis:SpatialExtent;
    gcis:northBoundLatitude "78.270556"^^xsd:float;
    gcis:southBoundLatitude "0.436111"^^xsd:float;
    gcis:eastBoundLongitude "-1.255556"^^xsd:float;
    gcis:westBoundLongitude "-179.999722"^^xsd:float;
  ] ;
dcterms:temporal [
    a dcterms:PeriodOfTime, gcis:TemporalExtent;
    ] ;

## Attributes and keywords

## Instrument Instances

   a gcis:Dataset .

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   skos:altLabel "8c6ca3e1-9a09-47d9-a593-0422f73e476e";
   gcis:hasURL "";
   skos:exactMatch <> .
   skos:altLabel "nodc-standard-format-marine-fish-and-shellfish-surveys-f123-data-1948-1992-nodc-accession-00141";
   gcis:hasURL "";
   skos:exactMatch <> .