dataset : Roosevelt Island Bedrock and Surface Elevations

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Roosevelt Island Bedrock and Surface Elevations

This data set consists of bedrock and surface elevation readings taken by ground penetrating radar and Global Positioning System (GPS) on Roosevelt Island, an ice dome within the Ross Ice Shelf. Locations were validated by GPS readings of poles set in the surface snow. The data was collected between November and December, 1997. Data are available via ftp, and are provided in a text file with an accompanying file that provides GPS locations. Surface and bedrock elevations are given in meters above WGS84.

Identified by : NSIDC-0140

This dataset was released on May 23, 2003.

The time range for this dataset is November 11, 1997 to December 12, 1997.

The spatial range for this dataset is -79.5906° to -79.3539° latitude, and -161.5307° to -159.8077° longitude. map (center)

DOI : 10.7265/N51J97NB
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