dataset : Ice-Penetrating Radar Data Across Siple Coast Grounding Lines

National Snow and Ice Data Center


Ice-Penetrating Radar Data Across Siple Coast Grounding Lines

These data consist of ice-penetrating radar data collected on the ground across the grounding line near Siple Dome during the 2006 and 2007 Antarctic summer field seasons. Primarily, the data consist of low-frequency radar data (2 MHz, approximately 50 meter resolution) in order to observe deep internal layers and the ice-bed interface. The data set also contains one file with high-frequency (100 MHz, approximately 1 meter resolution) radar data, for a sub-region of one of the low-frequency radar profiles. Coincident kinematic GPS data were also collected to correct the radar data for topography along each profile. Radar profiles are typically approximately 20 km in length with the grounding line crossed centrally where possible. Data are available via FTP in Matlab (.mat) format.

Identified by : NSIDC-0474

This dataset was released on January 01, 2010.

The time range for this dataset is November 01, 2006 to December 20, 2007.

The spatial range for this dataset is -83° to -81° latitude, and -160° to -145° longitude. map (center)

DOI : 10.7265/N5M043BH
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