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PRISM Climate Group PRISM climate Data

The PRISM Climate Group works on a range of projects, some of which support the development of spatial climate datasets. The resulting array of datasets reflects the range of project goals, requiring differing station networks, modeling techniques, and spatial and temporal resolutions. Whenever possible, we offer these datasets to the public, either free of charge, or for a fee, depending on the size and difficulty of delivering the dataset and funding for the activity. In order for users to make informed decisions about which dataset is most appropriate for their needs, this document provides information on the PRISM spatial climate datasets currently available. We start with an overview of the array of PRISM datasets, then discuss each in turn. Summary tables are provided for quick reference. It should be noted up front that these datasets are not static entities, but are in a constant state of change. New networks are being added periodically to some datasets. Even those designed for long-term consistency experience changes due to improvements in data handling and quality control procedures. We will endeavor to keep this documentation current, but inconsistencies are bound to arise.


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