dataset : UAH MSU and AMSU-A Mean Layer Temperatures, Version 5.6

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, The University of Alabama in Huntsville


UAH MSU and AMSU-A Mean Layer Temperatures, Version 5.6
Version 5.6.

This dataset provides advanced scientific researchers a high quality Climate Data Record (CDR) of Mean Layer Temperatures. Microwave sensors onboard operational, polar orbiting satellites measure temperature anomalies of the atmospheric layer from the surface to roughly 10 km, centered in the Lower Troposphere. This monthly gridded data comprises the Mean Layer Temperature CDR. Application of adjustments for spacecraft drift, orbital decay, instrument calibration and instrument biases when merging data from the various spacecraft provide the final record. Mean Layer Temperatures centered in the mid-troposphere (0-15 km) and in the lower stratosphere (10-25 km) extend this CDR.


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